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Key Research Themes

The Key Research Themes will form the basis for workshop events and will be defined by the Steering Committee with input from Network members.

The thematic workshops will:

  • Showcase the current state-of-the-art within the specific theme
  • Define future and forthcoming research areas in DfAM
  • Explore new collaborations within and between different disciplines
  • Define future research proposals
  • Produce a position paper as an outcome for each event

Each event will be driven by a Key Research Theme Leader, who will have lead responsibility for organising a workshop, establishing an interesting and engaging programme of speakers, including inviting world-leading researchers and industry practitioners to present their work, and to lead on the preparation of a position paper specific to their DfAM thematic area.

The format of the workshops will include a dedicated seminar session for speakers to present existing research and emerging relevant challenges, followed by a participatory session aimed at discussing issues highlighted in the seminar, prepare research proposals and highlight potential collaborations.

The key purpose of the workshops is to add value to on-going and future research funding applications through collaboration and information exchange, as well as bring together the DfAM community to accelerate impact and technology development.