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Sustainable AM Futures

Sustainable AM Futures

This event is designed to initiate discussion around the use of AM for sustainability gains.

Held in partnership Prof Jennifer Johns (University of Bristol),  Sherri Monroe (AMGTA) and DfAM Network, the event is split over 2 days, highlighting focused presentations with experts from small and large companies from across the world covering service providers and users. The hosts will put the broader academic and industrial context of key topics into context through dialogue. including materials, spare and legacy parts as well as the whole value chain.

The role of design is central to much work around developing more sustainable manufacturing and we will be asking for audience discussion and questions on the speakers’ topics and posing questions including:

  • What best practice is already happening?
  • What are the key challenges around thinking about AM in the context of sustainability?
  • We know that AM can help reduce waste and DfAM can extend the life cycle of products through, for example, lightweighting, but how can AM produce measurable benefits as we move towards more circular economies?
  • How can we collectively work to overcome the challenges we perceive?  

Full details on the agenda and speakers to follow.

11th June 2024 – 2pm-5pm BST

19th June 2024 – 2pm-5pm BST


11th to 19th June 2024

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