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Design for AM in Redistributed Healthcare – 17/18 February 2022

Key Research Theme Leaders:

Prof Richard Bibb – Loughborough University & Prof Kenny Dalgarno – Newcastle University


The event will bring together the research communities from distributed manufacturing in healthcare and Design for Additive Manufacture to explore the synergies and opportunities for new, exciting research directions and applications that aim to address the future needs of healthcare. Distributed manufacture using Additive Manufacture processes offers potential new ways to reach patients, but requires a different mindset in product design to deliver products at scale. This event will explore how that mindset can be embedded into the product development process.

This joint event is hosted by the UK Design for AM Network and the Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare Network (RiHN) and supported by Loughborough University and Newcastle University.

Recordings of the event:

Introduction to RiHN & DfAM Network
Ian Rees, Point of Car Manufacture – A Regulatory Framework in Progress
Andrew Lamb, AM Disaster Relief
Dr Simin Li, Development of Digital Design & Manufacture Workflow of Personal Pediatric Sockets
Dr Andy Geadall, AM of Intricate Personalised Wound Dressings
Introduction from Jonathan Rowley to 3D Printed Textiles event
Dr Sheng Qi, AM of personalised medicine
Dr Laura Cantu, Ultrafast Volumetric Printing of Wound Fillings

Dr Jari Pallari, Delivering Design Automatic for 3DP Foot Orthoses
Dr Abby Paterson, Wrist Splint Automation Software Case Study
Dr Connor Myant, The Mensura Mask Project: Mass Customisation of Respiratory Equipment
Prof Dominic Eggbeer, Lead User Design for Performance Adaptive Cycling Products
Closing remarks