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Design for AM Electronics – April 2021

Key Research Theme Leader:

Dr Robert Kay – University of Leeds


Additive manufacturing creates new opportunities for the manufacture of electronics products instead of standard surface mount assembly on printed circuit boards, with potential benefits including miniaturisation and improved performance, but the performance, density and reliability of high-density multilayer boards and advanced packaging techniques are significantly more advanced than current AM technologies.

This theme aims to generate a greater understanding, identify drivers and motivation and facilitate multidisciplinary discussions, cross-fertilisation of ideas and drive future innovation in additive manufacturing for electronic systems.

Recordings of the event:

Overview of Additive Manufacturing for Electronic Systems – Dr Robert Kay
Latest Advances in Additive Manufacturing for Electronic Systems – Kapadia N. & Dr Khan F
IMAPS UK. Stephen Riches
Introduction. Robert Kay
An Overview of AM for RF Components in Space Applications.
Tornielli V. & Van der Vorst M
Robotic Wiring Harnesses Manufacture – Bennington S
Additive Manufacturing Activities at the CSA Catapult – Dr Chandrappan 
AM of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal Multi-functional Structures – Prof MacDonald