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Design for 4D Printing

Key Research Theme Leader

Mahdi Bodaghi – Nottingham Trent University


This exciting online event was brought to you in collaboration with Dr Mahdi Bodaghi from Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Mahdi is an academic and innovator in Smart Materials, Metamaterials and 3D/4D Printing Technologies, and the co-founder of the 4D Printing Society.

Our event featured a lineup of expert speakers, all pioneers in the realm of 4D printing. Together, they engaged in panel discussions that offered a comprehensive global perspective on the profound impact of materials, design, and additive manufacturing (AM) on the behaviours of 4D printed objects and insights into the art of design for 4D printing.

This event looked at the latest advancements and cutting-edge technologies in smart materials, intelligent design practices, multi-physics modelling, and 3D/4D printing. It also explored the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the continued development of 3D/4D printed devices.

Presentations from the event

Ali Zolfagharian – Deakin University
Frederic Demoly – Challenges in Designing for 4D Printing

Panel discussion 1
Moataz Attallah –

AM of Mechanical Metamaterials

Charlie Wang – Optimization based Geometric Computing for Deformable Structures
Dennis Douroumis – 3D Printing for Pharmaceutical & Medical Applications
Panel discussion 2