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Design for 3D Printed Textiles; Where they stand today. 5th May 2022.

Key Research Theme Leaders:

Jonathan Rowley – Advanced SLS, Mark Beecroft – Manchester Met University


The event will bring members of the textile and fashion industries and design Academia together with practitioners who are meaningfully exploring the potential of textile related applications of 3D printing.  The aim is to demonstrate the state of the art and offer inspiration and opportunities for new research and industry collaborations.

This is jointly hosted by the UK Design for AM Network and the Knowledge Transfer Network and supported by Manchester Metropolitan University.

This event has been mooted since the early days of the DfAM Network but has been held back by the duration of the pandemic and the belief that for this event, it was imperative to hold it in person, allowing the opportunity for all attendees to handle the projects presented for genuine evaluation.

The day will include presentations of seven textile related projects using a diverse range of 3D printing technologies and offer handling of the materials described and discussion with the designers. The presentations will be followed by breakout group sessions, each hosted by one of the designers or organisers, where attendees will be invited to feed back on the potential they can identify from the projects presented.  These conversations will be recorded and analysed for the production of a positioning paper on the subject.  These sessions are also intended to foster the cross fertilisation of expertise and application within this field to stimulate further progress.

Recordings of the event:

Dr Mingjing Lin, 3D Printed Parametric Design for Textiles in Fashion
Gina Barker, Research into 3D Printed Textiles
Mark Beecroft, Research into 3D Printed Textiles
Edmund Keefe, PrintCity
Mark Bloomfield & Shaun Borstrock, AM in Clothing
Frances Murphy, 3D Printed Surfaces as an Artform