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Videos of the presentations at “Designing the Future of Additive Manufactured Electronics” Event.

Stephen Riches – Introduction to IMAS
Overview of Additive Manufacturing for Electronic Systems – Robert Kay – University of Leeds
Latest Advances in Additive Manufacturing for Electronic Systems – Naim Kapadia and Farhan Khan– The
Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Dr Robert Kay – Update from previous session
AM for RF Components in Space Applications – Vittorio Tornielli and
Maarten Van der Vorst, European Space Agency (ESTEC)
Robotic Wiring Harnesses Manufacture – Stephen Bennington, Q5D Technologies
AM Activities at the CSA Catapult – Jayakrishnan Chandrappan – CSA Catapult
AM of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal Multi-functional Structures – Professor Eric
MacDonald, University of Texas